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Apparently it’s all about tennis now

Tudor Tennis Trophy is one of the Tudor’s longest lasting tradition and it’s getting more exciting by the year. Edition 21 is taking place during 1 to 8 September 2019 at our home on the shore of Buftea Lake.  In 1999 my family organised the first TTT with friends and partners, an inaugural event of our tennis court and with the occasion of St Maria, on August 15. For the past 20 years we happily hosted TTT – one week of good quality amateur tennis & socialising.  Little did anyone know back then that my life would become all about tennis…  This is the 4th year since I’ve fallen really badly involve with it… The portfolio consists of tennis events, tennis management and the new branch: tennis retail. TTT is and will always be the number 1 on my list, so I am excited to plan and host one of the coolest private tennis events for amateurs.  Given the tradition and my love for tennis, it is my mission to make every edition of TTT better, …

The 18 Tudor Tennis Trophies Champions

In 1999 it was just a game; friends and business partners on court showing they best they got. 18 years later TTT became the cool social tennis event hosting singles and doubles, supporting talents and showing off the partners. In 18 years we had over 60 players come through our gates. To be mentioned: Mr. Iulian Manta attended over 16 editions and won 2 trophies Mr. Dan Gruia attended 9 editions Mr. Marcel Chifa attended 7 editions and won 2 trophies The Champions’ list here.    

TTT18: August 15 – 27

Dear Players and Guest, The eighteen edition of Tudor Tennis Trophy will start on August 15th, day of the draws and end with the Players Party on August 27th. We look forward to 10 days of tennis and catching up at Casa Tudor with old and new friends. Stay tuned for more details.

Save the dates: Tudor Tennis Trophy 18

My favourite time of the year is around the corner! This year we’re staring the 18th edition of Tudor Tennis Trophy on August 15th with an anniversary Draw Soiree (french style, since we’re announcing the tournament during the Roland Garros finals weekend). We very much look forward to this year’s edition since I joined the beautiful family of tennis less than a year ago, which will definitely bring an important contribution. TTT18 will again host singles and doubles, so train well and start looking for valuable partners. We’ll come back with details by July 1st. Best regards, Maria Tudor Tournament Director

Final & Player’s Party #custom

Saturday, August 15th is the final’s day! The custom is that players and guests arrive around 18h. The evening starts with a demo played by the professional junior tennis players we support. After watching a set of ‘how its supposed to be done’, the finalists step in. They play. And play. And sometimes even argue. The public is picking sides and placing bets. By the final game of the Set, everyone is anxious, nervous, maybe a little hungry, and excited. Match ball. Game. Set. Match. We have a winner!!! We award the trophies to the winners, our sponsors give the gifts and we take group photos. The players’ WHITE party starts! All the contestants, guests, media, partners, organizers join us by the pool where the buffet is hot and the drinks are cold. The music is playing, the photos are being projected, the surprises keep coming. The fashion show presented by our friends and the raffle with donations from our partners spice up the evening.

Become our Partner!

Partnering with us means that you are a tennis fan, that you’re a social butterfly and that you are a bit of a softie and care about helping others. Hoping that you believe in making a difference and that you enjoy our new TTT approach, we kindly ask for your generosity in order to create a successful charitable and social event. There are many things we do at TTT; from food and beverage to tennis equipment, live acts or exhibitions, etc. What we do for you? We take pride in our partners and we like to show them off. 🙂 There are two main promotions means: online and on site. For the online promotion, we post your logo on all our materials, we announce our partnerships and write posts about your company on our website and on facebook. On site means that we exhibit your banners, fliers and leaflets on the tennis court. On Saturday, at the Player’s White Party, the garden turns into a little fair where our sponsors set up stands to present their beautiful or tasty products. We also …