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The 18 Tudor Tennis Trophies Champions

In 1999 it was just a game; friends and business partners on court showing they best they got. 18 years later TTT became the cool social tennis event hosting singles and doubles, supporting talents and showing off the partners. In 18 years we had over 60 players come through our gates. To be mentioned: Mr. Iulian Manta attended over 16 editions and won 2 trophies Mr. Dan Gruia attended 9 editions Mr. Marcel Chifa attended 7 editions and won 2 trophies The Champions’ list here.    


Every year there is a story and a click behind it all. For example, this year, the 19th final will take place on August 19th. I thought there won’t be any charm to promoting this one, and there it was. 19 will be big just because it’s before the great 20.