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Andrei Pavel la TTT19

Al doilea cel mai bun tenismen roman, după Ilie Nastase, Andrei Pavel ne-a onorat cu prezenta la #TudorTennisTrophy. In anul 2004 a ocupat locul 13 in clasamentul ATP. Prietenos cum îl știm Andrei a schimbat câteva mingi cu un amator de tenis, a socializat și s-a fotografiat cu Facebook-iștii. Paul Tudor

Opening of TTT19

Edition 19. We did the official draw on Wednesday, August 9th on the Terasa Superba together with Zepter International Romania, TTT players, guests and partners. It was a lovely evening which went like this: Father and I both had intro speeches about TTT and edition 19, what will happen this year and more specifically at the opening event: the draw itself and the live cooking show. The draw itself happened pretty quickly. Click here for more info regarding the matches. Zepter is one of the main sponsors of the event, and after thew draw, the players were invited to a Live Cooking workshop held by Chef Aida Parascan. The competitors divided into 4 teams and learned how to prepare the most delicious and healthy burgers with Zepter products and competed in the “plating” arrangement. At the end, the winners were awarded, and everyone present was invited to a healthy dinner prepared by Chef Aida. Thank you Zepter International Romania for your involvement at TTT and for making the draw a very interesting and fun evening. …

Raluca and Alexandra of A List Magazine at TTT19

If it’s Monday, we’re live with Raluca and Alexandra on A List Magazine: In the Sport Light. These two sport-aholics paid us a visit to find out more about TTT and our cause, and to get a brief tennis lesson from Andi Gingirov, one of the TTT players. Check it out! We had fun (yet again!). Thanks for the visit, girls!

Zepter susține elita pasionaților de tenis, cu Tudor Tennis Trophy

La fiecare mijloc de august, Tudor Tennis Trophy aduce împreună, de 19 ani încoace, amatori pasionați care iubesc tenisul și sportivitatea. Anul acesta, Zepter România este partener oficial, așa că am stat de vorbă cu Maria Tudor, fiica fondatorului Tudor Tennis Trophy și omul-cheie al turneului, despre sport, pasiune și stil de viață sănătos. Povestea Tudor Tennis Trophy – turneul de amatori care are loc în fiecare an, în jurul datei de 15 august – a debutat la Buftea, în 1999, din pasiune. ”Pasiune”: cu siguranță unul dintre cele mai vehiculate, ba chiar abuzate concepte din ultimii ani. E convenabil pentru că se lipește ușor de orice, de la teorii de productivitate până la speech-uri motivaționale. Rareori însă este pasiunea un concept atât de nepretențios și de organic precum în povestea turneului de tenis început în 1999 de către o familie care iubește tenisul și reuniunile cu prietenii. Pasiunea din povestea Tudor Tennis Trophy nu e declarativă și incandescentă, e mai curând produsul unor întâmplări fericite, stârnite de oameni care trăiesc tihnit o viață simplă, …

Live with Louise from TTT19 draw by Zepter

Check out the live video Louise made at the TTT19 draw by Zepter. We had a great time. :)) Louise is one of the main people who helped plan TTT19 by bringing partners and sponsors and communicating the TTT19 events. Thanks to her and all the partners involved we’re having a great Tudor Tennis Trophy.  

Zepter meets TTT19

At TTT19 we are introducing a new partner but an old friend: Zepter. Zepter and Tudor Tennis Trophy have in common the love for health and beauty as well as tradition and respect. On this note we invited the Zepter representatives over so we get to know each other better and for them to get a soft feel of what happens at TTT.  We had a very enjoyable afternoon on the tennis court with mr. Radomir Stojanoviç, Zepter international marketing and sales director, ms. Ramona Oprea, General Manager of Zepter Romania, the winner of editions 17 and 18, mr. Cosmin Cimpoeru and our host mr. Paul Tudor & the TTT founder.

TTT meeting

TTT19 hosted a partners meeting, an occasion to see and feel what Tudor Tennis Trophy is all about. 12 of us – admin team, partners and players – met on the tennis court in a social set-up all ready to discuss details and about everyone’s implication at TTT edition 19. Follow our Instagram account to stay up to date with all the info about TTT19, which we’re hoping to be the coolest edition yet. The partners, players and admins at the meeting in photos below.  

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We’re newbies on Instagram. You can follow us @tudortennistrophy. We have tons of awesome photos from our previous editions with amazing looking guests and superstar players, with really cool decor and stuff from our partners and sponsors. Our Insta account can give you a real feel of the event, from the competition and who the players are and the level of play, to the everyday mood and schedule, the final, the partnerships and the activities. We also post pics from other events we attend or follow. Like fed Cup or Davis Cup, news about the Romanian tennis players but international role models too. Check it out! Also, if you have any pics from TTT, tag us. 🙂 We love to see what you post! We can’t wait for this year’s 19th edition!!! #TTT19 See you on insta, TTT-team