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TTT16 winner is…

Proudly presenting the Tudor Tennis Trophy #16 WINNER: Mr. Alex Florea! Congrats Alex and Dan for the long disputed match, for the show, and for your efforts to play three sets! Thanks to all the supporters, friends and partners who stood by us to make the 16th edition the most beautiful so far!

TTT16, day 3

Monday morning coffee on the court watching Vlad Alexandru vs. Mihai Benga. Mihai Benga improved his game and even though the score doesn’t show it, it was a great game. Vlad won by 6-0; 6-0. Match #2, another spectacular one between Dan Toncea and Andrei Alecu: 2-6; 6-2; 10-8. Congrats Dan! Match #3 was played at 3pm: Bogdan Sotcov vs. Andrei Iaroscenco 4-6; 6-0; 10-4. Congrats for the game and for resisting the heat! Bravo Bogdan! At 5pm (still very hot) Marcel Chifa and Alex Sofian stepped on the court. Score: 3-6; 6-2; 4-10. Congrats Sofi! A doubles match started at 9pm  between Matei Nedef & Stefan Pustin aka “The Red Team” VS. Andrei Gingirov & Bogdan Ionescu aka “Bombardierii”. The Bombardieri won by 6-0; 7-5. Last game of the day was played between Iulian Botta and Bogdan Dragomir. Bogdan Dragomir won 6-0; 6-1. Congrats Bogdan!

TTT16, day 2

We started off at 9am with the match between Vlad Alexandru and Iulian Botta. Vlad won the two set match by 6-2; 6-1. Super pleasant way to have our coffee in the morning by the court. Second match of the day between Alex Florea and Andi Gingirov. Alex won the match 6-4; 6-4. Great game, many funky moves. 🙂 Third match started at 13:30 between Bogdan Ionescu and Eugen Balalau. Score 6-2; 6-3 for Bogdan. After a two hour break by the pool Bogdan Ionescu played again vs. Andi Gingirov. Andi won the game 6-4; 6-4. Beautiful game, guys! At 18:00 Marcel Chifa and Andrei Iaroscenco stepped on the court. The dispute was long and fun even though Iaros was angry with his hits. Chifa won by 6-3; 6-2. The 6th match of the day and the fist Super Tie Break played between Dan Gruia and Matei Nedef. Matei had the first super comeback of this year’s TTT. Score: 6-1; 4-6; 8-10. Congrats Matei! We concluded the day with the first doubles match ever at Tudor …

TTT16: day 1

We started off this year’s Tudor Tennis Trophy on Saturday, August 9th. Match #1 started at 13:30 between Marcel Chifa (TTT winner 2010 & 2011) and Bogdan Sotcov (TTT finalist 2011 & 2012). Sotcov, after years of playing against Chifa, won by 7-6; 6-0. Match #2 started at 17:00 between Iulian Botta (aka Pilotu) and Mihai Benga (TTT new entry). Botta won the match by 6-1; 6-3. Match #3 started at 18:30 between Alex Florea (TTT winner 2013) and Eugen Balalau (TTT new entry). Florea won by 6-2; 6-2. Match #4 started at 20:00 between Dan Toncea (TTT new entry) and Dan Gruia (TTT finalist 2006). Toncea won by 6-2; 6-1.