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Virban Photography, Official @ TTT17

Vlad Virban is the official photographer of the Tudor Tennis Trophy 17th edition. “I feel that I have photography in my blood. Ever since I was a child I was fascinated about photography, about its simplicity and in the same time about its potential. As the time passed I started to learn more and more about it. What can be more beautiful and satisfying than doing your passion and making a living out of it? Now, I can proudly say that I’m a professional photographer for at least 7 years. And in that time I worked in all kinds of photography fields. From personal events like: weddings, baptizing, anniversary’s, to corporate events, product photography, food photography, fashion, nature and many others. But the most exciting and most rewarding is when I work with people. Because I have the opportunity to express their feelings and emotions, and to present them in a unique way. I am honored every time I get invited to shoot a wedding or a personal event and the feeling that you have when you get to be a part …


We have partners who get actively involved in our project and make a significant difference. Ensola LED is once again lighting up TTT. This year, at the 17th edition of Tudor Tennis Trophy,  Ensola chose the Lotus Sport 200W flood lights for the tennis court illumination. This type of flood light is ideal for replacing the classic incandescent lights on outdoor sports fields or arenas, but it is also suitable for general exterior lighting like parking lots, gas stations, advertisements, gardens or parks. The Ensola LED LOTUS Sport flood light is currently only available in 120W and 200W. The main advantages of LOTUS Sport are the light weight and small dimensions, as well as the high power factor and illumination due to the zoom lenses. For more details, please contact Ensola by email or check out the blog

Business Review, OFFICIAL @ TTT17

We have partners who get actively involved in our project and make a significant difference. Business Review is a long time partner of BESTA, which is now supporting TTT. BR is a multi platform exposure with premium international audience. Published continuously since 1998, Business Review is Romania’s English-language business magazine, serving international investors, top local management, diplomats and business travellers. Business Review was one of the first and only publications in Romania to successfully separate editorial content from advertising. Business Review successfully organises high-profile, community-building events gathering investors, decision-makers, public officials and government representatives to discuss the issues impacting business decisions. For more details please visit